Giclée Prints

Using the highest quality papers, inks & print methods, discover the beauty of Sunny Beast art prints.

What is Giclée Printing?

All Sunny Beast art prints are fine art giclée prints. But what does that mean?

Giclée printing, pronounced "zhee-klay," is a sophisticated and high-quality printing technique. This printing process employs cutting-edge technology to produce fine art prints with exceptional colour accuracy, sharpness, and longevity.

Unparalleled Quality | Giclée printing is well-known for its exceptional capacity to replicate even the tiniest intricacies, capturing the true essence and delicate details of the original artwork. The outcome is a print that faithfully mirrors the original, featuring vivid colours, lush textures, and an extensive range of colours.

Archival Permanence | Giclée prints use pigment-based inks and acid-free, museum-grade papers. This meticulous combination guarantees the longevity of your art prints, safeguarding them against fading or deterioration, thus making them a valuable, long-lasting investment for generations to come.

Paper Quality

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® | 308gsm | Smooth | Matt

Printing on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® provides a super matt finish with minimal surface texture and a smooth, chalky feel. You can expect professional colour gradients, rich blacks and excellent detail. You should, however, handle your print with extra care. Due to this paper's delicate surface, its edges can fray if not handled carefully.

Giclée Printing FAQ's

What's the difference between giclée and digital printing?

Digital prints and Giclée prints are two very different processes. A digital or art print typically reproduces an artwork or photograph without a standard for resolution, paper, or ink quality. 

In contrast, Giclée prints adhere to precise specifications. To guarantee the highest level of detail and colour spectrum, Giclée prints are required to be:

  • Printed at a minimum of 300 dpi high-resolution (high detail)
  • They are exclusively printed on acid-free archival paper, ensuring their preservation for over 200 years. 
  • Giclée prints are produced using top-tier pigment-based inks in an inkjet printer. 

These stringent standards culminate in stunning prints that are destined to stand the test of time.

Are Giclée prints worth it?

Yes! Giclée prints offer high-quality reproductions fit for display in any museum or exhibition. Giclée prints are the industry standard, used by artists and gallerists to showcase artworks at their best.

In addition to their exquisite finish, Giclée prints have extremely long longevity. Giclée prints will last over +100 years without fading or ageing, making them perfect for collectors and archival purposes. On top of that, many artists use Giclée prints, with many becoming collectable and increasing in value. So, if you’re looking for an eye-catching printing style that will last a lifetime, Giclée is your choice.

Why are Giclée prints so expensive?

One of the main factors that affect the price of Giclée prints is the high-quality materials and specialised equipment needed to produce them. Giclée prints require the highest-quality pigment-based inks Giclée and specially treated acid and lignin-free paper to ensure their archival quality. In addition, Giclée prints are printed on state-of-the-art inkjet printers.

On top of their exquisite quality, Giclée prints have also become highly collectable, with many prints increasing in value.

How long does a Giclée print last?

A variety of factors can influence the longevity of your Giclée print, including humidity, extreme temperatures and light intensity. Giclée inks use the highest quality pigment-based inks alongside acid and lignin-free paper to ensure they don’t fade or degrade over time. When stored in normal conditions, Giclée can last 100 years, and optimal conditions can last more than 200 years, guaranteeing your print looks its best for years to come.

Do Giclée prints fade in sunlight?

Sunlight is powerful, but the longevity and high-quality materials used to produce Giclée prints allow them to hold their colour better than standard prints. In normal conditions, such as hanging on your wall, your Giclée print will last over 100 years before showing signs of ageing. It is important to note that intense, direct sunlight may increase the risk of your print fading. If you intend to hang it in strong sunlight, consider getting your piece professionally framed behind UV glass.

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