Print Care Instructions

Taking your print directly to a professional framer?
We recommend leaving the artwork in its original packaging/mailing tube and taking straight to your framer. They will be able to handle and flatten your artwork without you having to worry about re-rolling the print. This can prove tricky.
Framing or unpacking your print at home?
Follow these steps:
Use clean, dry hands at all times to handle your print.
Prepare a clean, dry, flat, hard surface, for laying the print out.
Keep your new giclée print covered with the acid-free tissue paper provided.
With the tissue paper still covering the print, place a few clean, flat and heavy objects, (i.e. books), on the ends and around the middle of the print.
Let your print relax over-night before framing.
Don’t use your hands to wipe off any dust, as this can damage the surface of the print. If needed, use a clean, dry, white lint-free cloth.